Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Just Hate Being Debbie Downer...

I know I don't actually keep this updated or in any specific theme, mostly I get things off my chest here.

So here's another item to add to the crazy list.

Last week I read an article about a 6 year-old girl that committed suicide by hanging herself with a belt and a baby blanket.

What are you supposed to think about that? What are you even supposed to feel? I want some comments on that, I simply don't know what to think anymore, except be saddened.

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  1. I read the original article about it. They thought one of the parents/siblings had something to do with it, or that maybe it was some sort of strange accident (kind of like the way Mike Tyson's daughter died).

    She went to the school that I worked at. Her siblings, too.

    When I saw the article that said it was ruled a suicide, I was shocked. I've actually been thinking about it on a regular basis since I read it.

    I don't want to believe it. A six year old committing suicide? It seems unreal. I don't even think I knew was suicide was as a six year old.

    It just makes me wonder what could have been going on in her life, in her head.

    I wonder what happens now. Is that just the end of the investigation? I mean, if it's suicide, no one can be arrested for it. But, I feel like social services should be looking into the family--talking to the other kids, evaluating the parents.

    It's just extremely sad. I really.