Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing as I have all of two followers (love!), I feel like I can discuss

So basically.
...ok, just screw facebook.
I hate facebook relationship status checks. Worst thing ever for anyone, dating or not. Really, I mean, it's only not annoying when people are married, or joking that they're married (which has actually become really difficult to tell apart as of late. 'woops, seriously?! oh, uh, congratulations...*awkward*'). I don't want to know that 'it's complicated' unless we are going to gossip about it over some drinks, ice cream and 'True Blood'/ 'Sex and the City'. You can't just share a bit of personal information like that to everyone. that should be shared with very few close friends and let society do its thing (or simply not at all). How does the other part of the 'complicated' status feel anyways? did they know it was awkward? do they care for everyone to know that it's complicated? Most likely, no.

Oh, and another thing, (that is the line when you know you're about to hear a complaint about an ex), if you didn't have your relationship status up while you were dating, it's not ok to put it up (as single, of course) right after you're dating. That is what most people would consider an asshole-move. Just saying.

This is why mine will forever remain blank. Also, I just got too depressed looking at the 'marooned' thing everyday. :P
Now, this is all obviously just me. Most people like to post their statuses to celebrate, or at least de-complicate situations with people and labels in life. By posting this information, many-a awkward conversations can be avoided. so, it has a purpose.

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