Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm quiet in public because I think that you're politics are stupid and boring

*cough* Life and all of the petty problems that add "flavor" *cough*

But after a little bit of drunken soul searching and reflecting on my own history, I realize that I'm so quiet in certain groups because I would be very rude if I were loud because I don't care for them or the topic. Or I simply have nothing to add to the conversation. Either one.

So suck it, certain UB counselor that I will not name but I still think that you are a jerkface, I'm just more professional than you, and can more easily hide my disdain.

In life, I will make fun of all those fake smiles, quietly awkward moments, cheerful lies, and "ice breakers". All I want is some butt ugly truths, bourbon, and some dirty jokes.
That's the real fun.
Sorry I'm bad at faking enthusiasm, world

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