Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas parties ending with Pancake and champagne...?

It's been a long time ("since I rock and rolled") since I last blogged, mostly because life suddenly happened all at once, leaving me to stagger and stutter because I simply cannot make decisions. These past few days I slept very little. How little? I was genuinely really excited when I realized I had slept a total of 5 hours straight last night, because it had been the first time in DAYS. There was also my huge last paper for Methods that included the use of statistics, which instantly means I'm going to wait until the last minute to do it, then panic, then finish with a conclusive "I. Don't.Care." which is highly unbeneficial in regards to a required class.
But now it's done.
I really have nothing to write about. I'm unexcited to return home for two weeks of being around family.
So, here's a list of the GOOD things about Christmas break, in no particular order:
1. Christmas parties: sleeping on a friend's floor in an awkward sweater, in a state of post-christmas caroling/ wine/ cookie bliss. That's pretty good.
2. Having Christmas/ Hanukkah themed cookies and movies for December(and maybe January)
3. Sleeping in. All of the time. Yes.
4. Feeling twice as good about yourself when you work out. I mean, who works out over the holidays?
5. umm...scarves. Yes, scarves make winter better in general.
yeah, that might be about it, for the general public....
oh, also snow makes winter better in general too.
Even with all of the music and lights, Christmas can't hold up to Halloween as well, but that's ok, because without it, winter would be boring.

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