Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why I Can't Go Into Communications (no offense to all those com majors out there!)

So, upon realizing that my archeology class is my favorite class EVER (after philosophy of science and possibly Anthro 111), I also realize that truly, I KNOW NOTHING. Not only is this because I spend my waking hours watching youtube videos of surprised kittens and men that can sing like women, but also because I trusted The History Channel for the first 18ish years of my life.
My initial disillusionment began with the appearance of shows like "Ice Road Truckers" and "Axe Men" and "Poorly Written Documentaries of UFO and Sasquatch Conspiracies Which Include People Saying 'I Seen It'" and finally "Poorly Translated Qoutes from People Who Claim to be Historians/ Anthropologists/ Experts in WTF?". But finally, with seeing shows that claim that the pyramids of Egypt were actually mathematically placed to warn us of 9/11, I can finally say: "F#%@ you History Channel and your 'merica! as well!!".
That's right, I went there. Put that in your pipe in smoke it, Overly Patriotic Dimwits. (Imagine all that in a British accent, it's acually hilarious).
Really, all of these "education" journalism channels are just spewing as much shiza as believable to the truly naive to make a few extra bucks. If you follow this blog more, you'll most likely find our about my opinion on how Capitalism has affected our culture and ideals until truly, we become pessimistic little money shells that don't believe in magic in the world beyond that of sparkling vampires who lack a personality, [and that's only for the teenagers/ppl that have a problem with sexuality anything in American literature today(once again another topic I will inevitably get to)].
I've decided I'm now going to spend my usual Project Runway time in quiet contemplation of how much is wrong with our culture until I am successfully hippy and 'passionate' enough to have an actually thought-out opinion instead of just disliking Westernization without a real argument. Also, because I think there is so much wrong, this will take awhile. Also, because of my minor Anthropology training, I think that there really isn't any such thing as right or wrong, only culturally significant differences in values, to be wieghted only by society and even individuals w/in said society to fir thier own needs and to get by with generally socially acceptable means. This said, there I will probably just think myself into a little 'Nothing/ Everything is relevant" corner until I'm drooling and have gone into emergency shutdown mode in which I will make myself more Mac'n'Cheese and watch more Family Guy, just like last time.

Or maybe I'll just go read Harry Potter.


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