Friday, April 16, 2010

Again and again, again and againnn

I know I just did a blog, but I lack the skills for another creative outlet and it has recently occurred to me that that might be what's missing in my life. That and a good work out regime. Also maybe live music pplz ( I miss my old musicians, where art thou?).

Anyways, given my lack of ability to focus on homework, and my sudden loss of interest in my major, I've been spending a lot of time making my self feel better by internet surfing. I've come across a few things that I knew existed, but forgot about.
One of these is MyLifeisTwilight.
Go. See. Make fun. Enjoy.
It's like MyLifeisAverage, but minus the Win. Any Win. There is very little Win to be found on MLIT, unlike MLIA.

Anyways, I've kinda run out of things, despite my stalking of Geekologie, and the gut feeling that I have as to the true extent of the great wide internet world (that isn't just porn) that I have yet to discover. Any suggestions?

In my theory class we are discussing the black market organ trade of the world, globalization, and women's right issues. It's going to be a fun discussion come next week. It's pretty interesting, yet scary. I had never even heard of the folktale that tourists were kidnapped and had their organs stolen, but now I'm concerned (even though it was proven to be false, for the most part). I'm sure I don't need both kidneys that much, but all the same, I would really rather not have to deal with that.
I'm not sure why I brought that up.
But now I'm not going to bother deleting it.


  1.!!! its amazing! you find everything there.

    yeah, definatly relate. Let's go find new talents,k? Oh! what're you doing this summer?
    I really miss dancing. There are fewer people willing to go to blues around here.

    So i might just go and make dancing friends with my mediocre ability. mahahaha!

  2. Bwahahaha- My life is twilight is AMAZING!
    Lets see if I can do one:

    Today at lunch, I noticed a friend of mine wasn't eating his food. When I asked him why, he said that he wasn't hungry so much as thirsty" god guys... My life is Twilight!!

    I think of you. Often. Cause you're amazing and invade my thoughts.

    Hobbies Hobbies Hobbies:
    You should learn to skateboard! I think that's strangely very fitting for one such as JJ. Might I recommend GoodWill as a place to purchase a skateboard?

  3. hahaha MLIT!! (not really...its more MLIA);)
    but I've never thought of skateboarding before. Well actually, I tried it once, like I stood on a skateboard and a friend pushed me, and I fell and it hurt. Anyways, I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough for that. I'm learning to play guitar though, so if I ever fulfill my dreams of becoming a street performer, I can do more than soft-shoe tapdance. :D
    Also, Glee is amazing. And so is Chloe-chan <3