Wednesday, April 14, 2010

and a pox upon my laptop battery (or at least another one)

I need to start doing these blogs more regularly, but I generally have very little to say in the way of 'interesting' or 'I want to waste your time on it'.
But I would like to say that there is an ever growing list of movies that I want to see as my bank account remains lacking in movie funds, and my brain remains lacking in knowledge of how to (illegally) download such things.
And now the government is going to start tracking this.
which actually does my heart good, because then I can imagine a CIA or FBI or someothergovernmentorganization guy sitting around, reading about how much I like fish and Lady Gaga.
>_< :D
It's the little things in life.

But really it's about being obnoxious and glamorous and ridiculous until you're a beautiful corpse, or a 43 yr old that is actually a 25 yr old that is really a 16 yr old. At heart. =)

oh yeah, that list of movies.
If any of you have seen these, please give m your reviews!
-Alice in Wonderland. I'm so disappointed in myself
-Repo Men. Not so sure about it, it might just be Repo the Genetic Opera, but not awesome and sans singing. which is even less awesome.
-Kick Ass. I don't think this is even out yet, but I want to see it!
-erm...I know there were more, but I've been up reading about Globalization social theory, so my brain is just repeating unnecessary things I already know...
- An Education! This came out 8 million years ago, but I never saw, but heard it was brilliant.

ehh, I don't know. Any good movie recommendations (even that I can find at the library), world?

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  1. ahhhhhhh! an education is incredible!! you need to see it!!!

    Alice was...good. Kind of like avatar good (didn't see avatar, but based on what i've heard). you know? epic, life changing effects but meh..
    it was decent. and definatly made for 3-d.

    I saw it in two.
    the costume ladies at my theatre weren't that happy with it though..said it was nothing but a marketing ploy, something about diney rotting in hell (said more appropiatly), etc, etc,.that could've altered my opinion as well.

    Repo Men- fun fact: apparently an 80's re-make.

    Kick Ass- hahaha me too! kind of.. havn't decided.

    I kind of want to see Remember Me. It looks so sterotypical and adorable.
    and, much as i hate to admit it, Robert Pattison actually look kind of hot.

    looooove!!!!!!!! also, you should blog more. i like reading them, and leaving long winded comments.