Friday, June 4, 2010

I don't have dreams, I have goals!

Wow, that sounds like a better slogan than 'The Power of Small". Then again, I still really want that t-shirt.
Anyways, I really do have some goals to share.
#1. Marry rich. Those of you that know me may already know of this goal, but I thought I ought to reiterate it. If you're all like "ooh, but what about the sanctity of marriage?", well, gay marriage still isn't legal, and I think it would be funnier for me to marry someone old and loaded rather than someone I just want to make babies with. But, I mean, a young rich hippy/ rockstar would be nice too.
#2 ADOPT cute kids. or just kiddy kids...I fear birth, ok?! that's a legit phobia! just think about it for more than 2 seconds, and a cold shiver will appear.
#3 not ever become a 'take off your shoes' house. Maybe, like a 'shoes optional' house, but I personally think it's weird to force guests to take their shoes off. What if its an ugly sock day? What if they have smelly feet? If you're trying to keep your carpet nice, well, it's on the floor. It supposed to get dirty. The whole point of carpets it keep your feet warmer than a no-carpet floor. And hardwood floors? those are easier to clean than carpeted floors!!! No offense to those that follow a shoeless policy in your homes (I've never been to any of your houses, so I dont know), but I just find it strange.


  1. Oh come now, those Power of Small...College t-shorts are just so much better..
    you know i was just talking about marrying a rich old guy with some poeple a couple weeks back. the only problem is that you'd have to care for him in his old age. And having lots of money, he would probably stay old and sickly for awhile. we concluded it is much better to marry a rich, equally free spirited gay man. He could be young, hipster, and have good taste. In the meantime, you have a breakfast/ shopping buddy AND you can have as much illicit sex with as many men as you want! perfect!
    in conclusion, I plan to come to your house full of adopted children with muddy bare feet and walk all over your blackened carpets.
    haha, I hope never to own one of those houses either. funny, no one seems all that suprised..

  2. haha, yeah I would definitely rather marry a rich young, potentially gay guy than an old whose diapers I would have to change. I have to be able to stand them at least...well, maybe. I was given the brilliant idea of me stealing my husband's plane in a messy divorce, and then running off to one of the many 'summer houses' abroad, alone and independent. We would meet a year later over a glass of wine for friendship's sake.
    Super cool. Would make a great lifetime based-off-of-a-real-story movie...ah yeah