Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My toast believes that the universe is like a rubics cube from 007...it explodes when solved

So my internet is being weird but here I go.
The lovely trip actually was, 7&1/2 hours drive there and back and all. Nothing quite like loud M.I.A while cruising the Gorge in Stunna' shades.
Life is really beautiful after a Sugar-Free Rockstar and 2 full rounds of a Mika album.
And in general, I s'pose

Everybody: Thanks for your queries, I decided to keep my theory book, and am satisfied with my choice. And Mika truly heals the heart of empty beds + too much carob in an evening, or road rage.

Chloe: I loaves you too. AND loves. ;)

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    Alot of Awesomeness