Friday, September 17, 2010

Land of the sun, the sweat, the mousquite

First blog from the land of Senegal, and here is what I've done so far!
-Lightning storm over atlantic! At night! It was amazing
-Found hotel in suburbs of Dakar, got lost in suburbs of Dakar, found that downtown Dakar has nicer sidewalks, but are overcrowded.
- Ate meat...what looked like parahna and tasted like chicken
-Fallen in love with instant coffee, surprisingly
- Mistook the mosque calling people to prayer at 5 am for coyotes, proving that I'm SUPER American.
- Realized that my french isn't all that great
-Haggled for fabric
-Got the nickname 'ZZ' from my host Papa, which apparently means "Little Dick" (thanks for letting me know, Fifi)
-only 5 bug bites and no sunburn! (kaar, which means 'knock on wood')
-Has a little baby named Seda following me around :D
- Watched much One Tree Hill and CSI dubbed in french
-Ate Obama ice cream, which is, of course, chocolate.
-Went to a Senegalese wedding reception and realized that I, in fact, cannot dance (the toddlers had more natural rhythme than me, lol)
-Realized that my natural time keeping is with the Senegalese
-Realized that I will live as a Toubab ('whitey', not at all derogatory too) in a strange land for four months....I'm not scared. :)
- Missed everyone
- Going to Goree island tomorrow!
-Going dancing later!

will have a better blog in the coming weeks when I spend more time at the center and can use the wifi more :)

Still miss everyone..I hate to say it, but I already can't wait to be back home just so I can see everyone. But I can't miss you without being gone!
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