Monday, September 20, 2010

Match du football! Gooaaalll!

Went to my first Senegalese soccer match au stade. It was everything you a imagine an African soccer match to be like. The pep band consisted of djembe drums and shakers, I shit you not, and they played almost constantly throughout the whole game, making it that much more fun and exciting. People also danced much of the time, and I think 4 people were carried to an ambulance for passing out, either from excitement or dancing or both!
There were several guards in full on riot gear, shields and helmets included, though most wore their berets. THis is due to riots ensueing after games in the past, I'm told. Fecking awesome.
I can see how this would happen. Many arm gestures and angry yells in Wolof, surely to be cursing the refs or the players or life.
My group was the only one that consists of Toubabs or more than one woman, but nobody takes obvious mind, and we eat amazing baobob juice in a bag

to be continued with more time

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