Saturday, October 30, 2010

This being the 'homesick week'

As I was told would happen, this week, the Wednesday of my stay in Dakar, was one of the longest of my life, and Aunt Flow will be visiting soon. TMI, I know, but it just sucks.
I've realized, in the last few weeks of being generally sickly, exhausted and overly medicated, I've realized that I really love Dakar. I really love being relatively competent in a city in which I barely speak either of the two main languages.
Hell, I love being in Africa.
...I don't love not living by myself.
That;s just how I am. Even back home with my own family, I'm generally less satisfied with life when I can't run around naked and stream videos at 4 am and eat nothing but peanut butter for days on end. It makes me feel like I actually have to behave myself, living with a family. And my goodness, it is exhausting. It doesn't help that all of my host siblings are older than me, work all day, and just seem generally annoyed with my presence. It's not much fun there.
But Dakar, as a place, my house, my street, even my family, when they don't seem to hate me, I love.
But at this moment in time, I'm anticipating going home on the previously scheduled time, in 7 weeks time. I half-heartedly look forward to the cold weather and schedule-less January.
Most of all, I look forward to seeing your lovely faces :)

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