Friday, November 20, 2009

Boredom manifesting into internet information clogging....

So, I've been wanting to create a blog for awhile and I promise to have an actual focus eventually, but for now I'm just going to express my excitement for having something to do! Here at college, you expect to have more to do...unfortunately, when you have no money, no homework and chose the most out of the way town to live in, there's NOTHING to do but sit and watch life happen. For now, I will only point out that life is harder when there's nothing to do than too much to do...just try and get out of bed in the morning when there's nothing to look forward to but go on facebook to chat with friends that have better things to do.
I promise, I do have a only requires money and travel...neither of which I have anymore. Perhaps this blog will be about my journey to finding more stuff to do on campus (join clubs? Out of date political parties?...). Hey, I'll even take some (polite) suggestions for things to do: my classes are too easy, my friends are generally too busy, and I'm boring.


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