Monday, November 23, 2009

Back home for the holiday(s)

So, I'm basically only blogging to myself, but I'm not-shockingly ok with that (love ya Kristina, my only follow!). But by posting these things about myself in the blogosphere, I feel like I'm obligating myself to be interesting.
For example, here I am back in my hometown for the week, and I've already made human-contact with an old friend from High School. Look mom, I'm being social! :)
I also went through a bunch of my old books in the attic and pulled out a bunch of old favorites to take back to school, because I'm so friggin tired of Stephen King. Don't ask me how that happens, but I think one can only take so much foreshadowing (a literary devise that I think many delusional writers believe has unlimited uses, but they are sick and WRONG).
I also noticed that this is the perfect opportunity for me to actually do some lit research for my next anthro project (though I still have no idea what I'm doing), and, more to the point, get healthier. Oh, posh that it's the week of Thanksgiving; the next few days of fasting and yoga will only make that traditional binge that much sweeter (and less likely to occur). Since I really have until Saturday for the feast (family scheduling is making turkey day itself just 'indulge in the store sales and the parade' day), I can stretch around with lemon juice for DAYS to trim my college food-ruined bod.
That's right, I just used the word 'bod'. Like a guy named 'Chad' or 'Guy', or even 'Tod'. Want my bod?...eeek.
Anyways, yay for constant history channel and stress-reducing sleep-aids!!1
hmmm, ever wonder about thanksgiving food? Like, I don't particularly like turkey (or tofurky, *shudder*), except that it smells awesome in the 8-10 million hours it takes to cook, and I really don't like gravy. Smashed potatos can be ok, or really gross (yes, it is veryveryvery possible to mess up potatoe-anything , just ask my family). After that, I might as well live off of olives and sparkiling cider the entire day...oh wait I already do....mmm, yummy....

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