Friday, May 14, 2010

The First Time I Even Seriously THOUGHT the Term 'Dirty Townies' Towards Specific Individuals

So Kristina, you know how you came to visit last weekend? Be happy you missed the attack of the townies.
In my hall. Almost in my ROOM.
So very smelly. Like a br in the downtown in between an artists' cafe with windows tinted so dark you don't know when it's open and an anime porn theatre covered in out-of-date posters for unknown musicians touring in the cafe.
Like Pabst's, cheap cigarettes and piss.
but not so much on the piss part, thankfully.
Anyways, the worst part is really the VERY loud sex from the room next door (slaps and 'Bitch's included) and the never ending assault of comedic (but quite serious) "Is that yo boyfren?", "Can I have yo number? I say, can I HAVE it?" first it was hilarious, then kinda entertaining, then just very smelly and 3 am on a weeknight.
Not a fun progression when this noise is your neighbor's fault.
It's all over now, I hear they were finally all kicked out by campo.
thankfully. (I swear I didn't call them, this must have been the rest of the building's sentiments as well though)

'I' week is almost over and I can get my boy back for the last week and a half of classes. Woot!

1 comment:

  1. ah, I totally wish i had been there!
    especially since this weekend is alein weekend. and next weekend is Landon Pigg (I mentioned extreme bitterness right? Still true)
    ahahahaha its kind of bitter sweet. and hilarious!!! While hot townie sex is not really my cup of tea, it probably makes a fantaastic story.
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE figure out burning man yet?