Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Curiosity of curiosities

So I have several question for all, well, three of you.
#1, should I sell the theory book of my major? ($30 vs. a lifetime of social theory knowledge at my fingertips)
#2, should I look into this seemingly awesome Jumble Bag website, with $5 free shipping, with LED potential?

Oh, good news, I'm done with Social Theory!!!

Bad news, or What I Learned This Last Semester; when a boy asks "Darling, do you want to go on a lovely trip with me?", you must almost always translate it into, "Darling, do you want to drive us both to this lovely place 8 hours away and pay for gas?" or simply "I need a ride."

...ever so slightly annoyed


  1. useful is this book?

    it might be nice to keep around until you graduate college...use it to write papers and gain knowledge
    and then sell it to pay off loans! foolproof!
    well, unless the edition gets updated..

    i don't know. In light of selling my high school history book about a year ago, and suddenly really wanting it for an art history paper might want to keep it for any fun obscure facts.

  2. Haha...I say keep the book for now. I always find that I want to refrence something I read in freshmen year in later papers and such, and it's just easier if you have the book!

    Oh. My. God... the jumble bag thing looks amazing! I wonder if they ship to Japan! I say do it! <3

    Aaaaannnnddd- Jj, sometime we'll go on a lovely trip together. To somewhere lovely, and then split the gas cost- mmmkay? Psh...boys!

    I loaves you! ....loves. Not loaves...that's weird...